Find out how sensory play can improve

outcomes for young children

Our inflatable illuminated pod provides a unique sensory space for small groups of children aged 2 to 5 years. Our trained sensory play workers can provide a set programme of sensory activities or a tailored programme to suit different ages and abilities. We have an extensive range of sensory-rich resources to provide high quality sensory education.


The Earlyarts evaluation of Sense found that all intended outcomes were achieved and for children, volunteers and practitioners, were exceeded. Contact us for a copy of the full report.

Children demonstrated improved personal, social and emotional skills

Children demonstrated improved communication and language skills

Children displayed a greater attitude and aptitude to learning

  • Sessions last around one hour and can be delivered to up to 8 children in the pod.

  • Two sensory play workers will run the sessions

  • The pod requires a floor space of at least 4.5m x 4.5m and a height of at least 2.8m

  • The pod can be inflated indoors and outdoors (subject to weather)

  • All children receive a sensory goodie bag and set of sensory play postcards to take home

  • We can work with parents to help them provide sensory play activities at home


Treasure basket session taster:

The children explore treasure baskets containing over 60 items specially chosen for their colour, texture, shape and weight, including felted rings, drawstring bags, bamboo bee tubes, wooden combs and metal measuring cups, to name a few. We play a guessing game with the items and make up stories.

Seaside session taster:

We read Stanley’s Stick by John Hegley and go to the beach with our sticks. We play with sand, shells, pebbles and all things seaside! We crawl through a sea tunnel to find sea creatures, play with boats in the water and look for hidden treasure. We listen to waves crashing and seagulls squawking. We set up an ice-cream parlour with vanilla and chocolate ‘ice-cream’ play dough.

Woodland session taster:

The children go on a teddy bear’s picnic in the woods whilst listening to woodland sounds. Fruit and vegetables are chosen for their textures and colours. We hunt for insects and bugs in the compost and make dens for our woodland animals. We make animal and bird sounds using special instruments and go on an egg hunt.

Outer space session taster:

The children crawl through a sensory space tunnel and explore space with its twinkling stars, moon dust and space dough.  They taste Astronaut Food, listen to the story ‘Whatever Next’ and hear rockets taking off – 3,2,1 – lift off!

Winter wonderland session taster:

We read Big Bear Little Bear by David Bedford and go on an Arctic adventure. The children experiment with ice shapes, play with snowball pom-poms and frozen Arctic animals. We create snow sculptures with sparkling cloud dough.

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Discounts available for charities and community groups.