The Community Foundation for Calderdale awarded funding to Grow Big to deliver a sensory play outreach project in 2017/18.

The project focussed on the areas of North, East and Central Halifax, particularly Park and Ovenden wards. We wanted to reach out more directly to parents and community groups, and involve them in what SENSE has to offer, so that sensory play activities become embedded in the lives of the families we work with. Opportunities for extending sensory play in the home can be done at little or no cost with basic household items and store cupboard ingredients.

To achieve this, Grow Big recruited a part-time sensory play development worker. We worked with a wide range of organisations and groups including Innovations Children's Centre, Creations Children's Centre, Little Gems Pre School, Jubilee Children's Centre, Ling Bob Nursery, Ovenden Day Nursery, CAMHs, Mothershare, Threeways Centre, YMCA, Bankfield Museum, and Unique Ways.

Nearly 400 children and parents / carers attended sessions over the course of the project.

We also enjoyed a little celebration.........

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