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Getting the word out about sensory play!

I started my new role as Sensory Play Outreach Worker in September and have since made contact with 25 partner organisations in North, East and Central Halifax. Amongst these, I have met with Unique Ways, Sure Start, Early Intervention and Health Visitors, who have all agreed to look at ways that we can hold sessions in their areas and venues.

My role is to promote sensory play and deliver sensory play sessions to families with young children in our target area. What’s great is that the opportunities for extending sensory play in the home are endless and can be done at little or no cost using basic household items and simple store cupboard ingredients.

By reaching out directly to parents and community groups, we hope that more parents will have the confidence to set up sensory play activities for their children at home. Those children will then start to reap the rewards, becoming more confident learners, more prepared for school-based learning and ready to experience a new learning environment.

It is exciting to know that our project can reach out to families and provide access to sensory play. We have a wide range of exciting resources and we now have treasure boxes ready to go out into the community. When meeting with partners, more ideas have been suggested and we are now looking at offering adult learning courses for parents of young children.

While preparing and filling the boxes to take ‘out and about’, I found this fab article on how to make Rubbery Goop using just bicarbonate of soda and cornflour. This one’s going to be fun!

To find out more click here or email me at outreach@growbig.co.uk.

Thanks for reading!

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