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How to make a Splat Mat!

Updated: May 23

We recently wrote a blog for Mumbler (Calderdale), a new online parenting community. As well as discussing the benefits of sensory play and describing our current projects, there is also an idea for a fun Splat Mat activity to try at home.

Please have a read:


Or if you just fancy having a go at the Splat Mats, here's how:

Splat Mats:

What you need:

  • Ziplock or strong freezer bag

  • Paint, you can also add glitter glues, glitter or you can try shaving foam with food colouring or washing up liquid and glitter or squirty cream if you don’t have paint in.

  • Duct tape or large sellotape or packaging tape


  • Simply add a squirt of paint into the bag (two or more colours works great) or use any of the materials above. You can even experiment with different materials together such as shaving foam and paint. Add as much as you want but make sure there is plenty of space left to be able to push the paint around once sealed.

  • Secure over fastenings and edges with tape once zipped up just in case yours is a bit leaky (some bags are better than others).

And there you have it, a fairly addictive pouch that has great educational and developmental benefits and is handmade by mum or dad. Older children love these too and will enjoy being able to make their own! Who knew playing with paints could be so mess free!

It is always best to use non toxic paints but the idea is that your child will only pat the outside.

Never leave your child unsupervised with these and do not allow your child to chew or bite the pouches (not only do you not want your child potentially eating plastic but you also hope to avoid mess with this activity).

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